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What are the height regulations for the buildings?

No exact height limits has been decided yet. The City Plan will be made in collaboration with the city plan office and the selected consortium. However, there has been discussions of the maximum height to be somewhere between 12 and 14 floors. The final decision depends on the design and concept.

When the building process begins?

The building process can start in 2020. Due to city plan processes, Helsinki will reserve any rights to make changes to the final schedule.

What kind of a car parking can be built in Campus Maria?

Car parking should be zoned underground. City of Helsinki will examine possibilities to build a shared underground car parking together with the office building South of Maria.

Can Campus Maria contain hotels or apartments?

It is not totally out of question but they must support and be a part of the concept and functions in whole Campus Maria. Privately owned apartments in Campus Maria will not be allowed.